Janarth Adivasi Vikas Sanstha

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1. Support and Awareness about disability:
A collaborative program called community based rehabilitation of Disabled (rather differently abled) persons was implemented for 5 years in 20 villages of Shahada with other three organizations (Janarth-Aurangabad, Vachan -Nashik and Vidhayak Sansad -Vasai).
2. Awareness on Sickle Cell Anemia: 
Awareness and Blood checkup camps in various villages in Shahada, Dhadgaon, Akkalkuva blocks. Sickle Cell Anemia awareness and treatment through Jan Arogya Abhiyan was successfully implemented through solubility test at PHC level and Electrophoresis test in RH and the sustained advocacy efforts led to initiation of similar project by state government in 15 districts.
3. Community Based Monitoring on government health services:
JAVS participated in Maharashtra level process of Community based Monitoring of health services initiated by Jan Arogya Abhiyan during 2003-05. This process led the Government to initiate CBM pilot project under NRHM. In CBM pilot project JAVS is district coordinator for Nandurbar district and block coordinator for Shahada Block.
4. Home Based Newborn Care Project: 
The project was based on the Ankur project developed by SEARCH, Gadchiroli to reduce NNMR by training a village based health activist who can provide immediate health care to the newborn children in the village. Through their persistent efforts, we were able to reduce the NNMR from 72.68 (in 2007) to 47.80 (in 2011).
5. Mental Health:
1) Awareness on Mental Health issue through village meetings, workshops, visits to families of persons with mental illness.
2) Support in treatment and medicines.
3) Advocacy at district and state level for starting Mental Health OPD in Nandurbar District Hospital and in Shahada RH.
Achievements in Health activities:
  • Support to 50 disabled persons including children.
  • Advocacy with State authorities for Sickle Cell Anemia treatment through Jan Arogya Abhiyan successfully resulted in State’s project for awareness on SCA and blood checkup in PHC (solubility test) and RH (electrophoresis test).
  • Awareness and Support in treatment and medicines for persons with mental illness benefitted more than 100 persons in 30 villages.
  • Advocacy at district and state level resulted in starting Mental Health OPD in Nandurbar District Hospital, and appointment of psychiatrist there one day OPD per month in Shahada RH.
  • CMR in the HBNC villages was reduced from 72.68 (in 2007) to 47.80 (in 2011).